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The American Flag is recognized around the world as the symbol of Liberty. Colonial patriots fought hard to bring freedom to the shores of America. Our heritage of freedom continues to spread around the world. The American military has always been on the front line of the fight for the ideals of equality, truth and justice. The men and women of AMVETS served with honor under our Flag.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Regis Riley, National Commander of AMVETS, by the authority vested in me by the members of AMVETS do hereby proclaim June 14th, Flag Day, as a special day of service for AMVETS Posts and Departments throughout America. Invite your community to come together in unity to pledge of allegiance to the flag. Warriors hold a special place in their hearts for the end of battle.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-sixth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand nineteen, and the founding of AMVETS the seventy fifth.

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